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Celebrating 40+ Years of Excellence, and the Best is Yet to Come!!

Summer Events at Horizons

4 week dance program

ages 9-up

June 10th-July 3rd

Call the Studio or Email horizonsdancecenter@gmail.com

for information

Horizons Performing Arts Summer Camp Programs

Horizons will be offering 3 different summer camp programs for children between the ages of 3-8 years old

Princess Camp

June 9th,11th,and 13th


Dance, Music, Art, and Snacks



Performing Arts Camp

June 16th, 18th, 20th


dance, drama, art, snacks


Dance Camp

July 8th, 9th, 10th


dance, drama, art,snacks



Call the Studio or Email horizonsdancecenter@gmail.com

for information

Please contact us with any questions you may have at (718) 339-6977 or feel free to come visit us at either of our locations….

Our goal here is to provide you with useful information about The Horizons Dance Center. We hope to answer any questions you may have about us.   At Horizons, we provide an excellent dance education in a safe, caring and nuturing environment.  The respect, discipline, and love of dance fostered at Horizons is a gift that can last a lifetime.

Our recreational dance program provides students with the opportunity to experience two or three dance styles within a single introductory class.  We encourage diversity and make the introduction of dance for you or your child easy and affordable.  Horizons offers a special pre-school program which introduces dance to our younger students in a way that is creative and fun. 


Our comprehensive professional training program is truly unique because it allows students to study with professionals that are experts in their field of study.  The Horizons “company” program has been preparing dancers for the rigors of a professional career and our students have made the transition from Horizons to the best college dance programs, videos, movies and Broadway.  At the Horizons Dance Center web site you learn all about the various programs we offer and about our talented and creative faculty.

Horizons Dance Center has two conveniently located facilities.

The Horizon Dance Center on Avenue “U”
426 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11223  (between East 3rd and East 4th St.)
(718) 339-6977

The Horizon Dance Center on Avenue “N”
4724 Avenue N
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 258-9767



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