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The Horizon Dance Center on Avenue “U”
426 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11223 (between East 3rd and East 4th St.)
(718) 339-6977
The Horizon Dance Center on Avenue “N”
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About Us

HORIZONS DANCE CENTER has been providing quality dance education since our founding in 1972. It has always been our goal to give our students a “New York City” dance experience in their community. Horizons teachers are professionals who specialize in a specific field of dance. Our students are exposed to the many aspects of dance including technique, style and choreography. Horizons Dance Center is celebrating its 40th year this season. We offer graded classes from beginner through professional levels for both children and adults. Classes include ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop. The teachers at Horizons come from a wide range of professional experience. All of our teachers specialize in certain forms of the performing arts, and have up to date training and experience as performers and choreographers. Director Linda Abbate-Machado is a member of Dance Masters of America and Dance Educators of America and Horizons is accredited by both organizations. The Horizons Dance Company, our award winning competition team offers students the opportunity to study with a wide range of choreographers and teachers. Notable Horizons Alumni include Emmy Award winning choreographer Tyce Diorio, Geo Hubela (Americas Best Dance Crew) Andrew Turteltaub (Fame, Wicked) KC Castellano (Born To Dance).

Our Classes

BALLET: We offer graded classes covering the barre, center, adagio and allegro

JAZZ: All classes consist of warm-ups, isolations and across the floor exercises. We concentrate on flexibility and technique.

TAP: Classes are graded and consist of center, across the floor exercises, and combinations.

LYRICAL: This class contains part ballet and part jazz Its movements portray a story or feeling and is considered a very dramatic form of dance.

HIP-HOP: This form of jazz takes the most up-to-date club dancing and combines it with exercise and technique.

PRE-BALLET: This class is designed for 3 year olds. It includes song and dance. We teach creative movement and the fundamentals of dance.
COMBINATION: (4 – 6 years old) This program is designed to teach students the basic foundation of ballet and tap. (1 hour)

BALLET-JAZZ-TAP: (6 and up) It has a more advanced tap structure and introduction to jazz and ballet technique.
(1 1/2 hours)

COMPANY: These classes are by invitation only. We offer a concentrated syllabus designed to prepare students for competitive dancing and ultimately a career in dance.

Our Recital

Horizons Dance Center presents an annual dance recital at the end of the season. We believe that dance is a performing art. Learning choreography, preparing, rehearsing and finally performing is an exciting and necessary part of the dance experience. Participation is strictly voluntary. We feel that this offers the student a chance to display their achievements of the past season. Horizons recitals are fabulous and entertaining productions. We spare no expense in seeing that our students are displayed in a professional and artistic manner.
 School Auditions
Remember Horizons Dance Center when planning for your School Auditions. Horizons Dance Center has an experienced staff that can help your child prepare for any school audition in the performing arts. If it is Middle School,High School, or any other Audition you may have our professional staff can give your child the edge they need.
Call the studio @ 718-339-6977 for information

Our Staff

Linda Abbate-Machado

Linda Abbate-Machado has been a nationally recognized teacher and choreographer for the past 44 years. She was on the Board of Directors of Dance Masters of America NYC Chapter, and has received the The Dance Teacher of the Year Award from Dance Teacher Now Magazine. Linda has taught all over the country and is sought after by many teaching organizations and competitions. Her first love has always been teaching and sharing her love of the performing arts with her students. In 2008 Linda and the Horizons Dance Center were selected as the #3 school in New York State and top 20 in North America.

Alexa Barone
Alexa Barone
Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop
jona biddle
Jona Biddle
Hip Hop
Giorgia Bovo – Contemporary Ballet
Giorgia Bovo
Contemporary Ballet
Kristina “KC” Castellano – Contemporary/Award Winning Choreographer
Kristina “KC” Castellano
Contemporary/Award Winning Choreographer

Angela Cavallo – Dance Team Director
Angela Cavallo
Dance Team Director
Alex Cozzo - Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop
Alex Cozzo
Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop
Luis Cuadra – Hip Hop
Luis Cuadra
Hip Hop
Vanessa Desiano – B.A.Education PreSchool/Tap
Vanessa Desiano
B.A.Education PreSchool/Tap

Meagan Ekerling – B.A.Education Pre School/Hip Hop/ Tap
Meagan Ekerling
B.A.Education Pre School/Hip Hop/ Tap
Noele Falzone - Ballet/Jazz/Tap
Noele Falzone

Teri Marcello – Ballet/Jazz/Tap
Teri Marcello
Amanda Monello – Ballet/Jazz/Tap/HipHop
Amanda Monello

Lindsey Nicastro – B.A Dance Education Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary
Lindsey Nicastro
B.A Dance Education Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporar
Michele Nicastro – Associate Studio Director/Tap Specialist
Michele Nicastro
Associate Studio Director/Tap Specialist
Ashley Polizzotto – Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop
Ashley Polizzotto
Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop
Krista Polizzotto - Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop
Krista Polizzotto
Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop

Marissa Polizzotto – B.A.Education Ballet/Jazz/Tap
Marissa Polizzotto
B.A.Education Ballet/Jazz/Tap
Andrew Turtletaub – Contemporary/Lyrical
Andrew Turtletaub